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About the Antiquers

The Antique Aeroplane Association of Australia is widely recognised as Australia's premier organisation promoting the preservation, restoration and flying of old aeroplanes

“Old Aeroplanes” includes Antique, Classic and Contemporary aeroplanes, both Civil and Military from the 1920s through to the 1960s.

The AAAA was formed in 1974 by a group of owners and enthusiasts to fill a need for an association to represent the interests of owners of old aeroplanes at a time where aircraft were being exported or forced out of the air by heavy Government charges and regulation.

The most important role of the Association has been to give owners and enthusiasts a unified voice with which to speak to Government instrumentalities.  We are the recognised spokespersons for Australia's restorers, maintainers, owners and operators of old aeroplanes.

The AAAA is an incorporated association.  It is run by a committee of members elected at the annual general meeting.  The association has no salaried officials and is completely self-funded, receiving no Government subsidies.

AAAA Presidents

1974 - 1978 Barry Bell
1978 - 1984 Anthony James
1984 - 1990Peter Bernardi
1990 - 1997Dick Gower
1997 - 1999 John Pearson
1999 - 2000Steve Newing
2001 - 2007Clive Phillips
2007 - 2011Craig Taberner
2011 - 2013 Matt Grigg
2013 - 2023

Matt Henderson

2023 - Gordon Rich-Phillips

Rag & Tube Editors

 Vol 1 - 30 David Prossor
Vol 31 - 101 Bill Baker
Vol 102 - 105 Steve Newing
Vol 106 - 112 Craig Taberner
Vol 113 - 128 Diane Davey and Phil Prapulenis
Vol 129 - 148 Lorelle Orrman and Gary Watson
Vol 149 -  Andrew Carlile 

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